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Applications are open for the A Bertram Chandler Award for 2017

The award is given by the Australian Science Fiction Foundation to recognise outstanding achievement in Australian science fiction and fantasy.

Find out how you can nominate someone for the award.

About the Foundation

The Australian Science Fiction Foundation (affectionately known as the Foundation) was formally established in 1976, partially to carry on the work of Aussiecon, the first Australian World Science Fiction Convention.

Its main purpose is to sponsor and encourage the creation and appreciation of science fiction in Australia. The Foundation does that through the sponsorship and administration of writing workshops and short story competitions, seed loans to national conventions, and the publication of its newsletter, The Instrumentality. The Foundation has, since its inception, been a resource centre for everyone involved in Science Fiction in Australia.

The Foundation was the nucleus for the successful Aussiecon II bid and its members worked, along with many others, to run the 1985 Worldcon in Melbourne. In March 1988, the Foundation became an incorporated association.

The results of the Foundation's work can be seen at many conventions, for the Foundation lends seed money to get Natcons up and running. It also provides the funds for prizes in short story competitions. Help the Foundation carry on its good work - join now!

Bruce Gillespie President
Rose Mitchell Vice-President (Rose will also be leading Marketing & PR activities)
Carey Handfield Treasurer & Secretary (formerly Public Officer)
Cath Ortlieb Administrative Secretary
LynC Membership Secretary
VACANT Web Master (with technical assistance from Jean Weber as required)
Robin Johnson General Committee Member
David Russell General Committee Member
Van Ikin Academic community Jean Weber Agent-at-large
Gillian Pollack ACT Gerald Smith NSW

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The A. Bertram Chandler Award

In 1991 the Foundation set about establishing a new award for "Outstanding Achievement in Australian Science Fiction".

In recognition of the contribution that science fiction writer A. Bertram Chandler made to Australian Science Fiction, and because of his patronage of the Foundation, the new award (after gaining the approval of Bert's widow Susan) is called the Chandler. Unlike the Ditmars, this award is decided upon by a jury and, although nominally an annual award presented in conjunction with the National Science Fiction Convention, is not necessarily presented every year.

The first Chandler Award was presented in 1992 to Van Ikin at the National Science Fiction Convention - SynCon '92. Subsequent winners were Merv Binns, George Turner, Wynne Whiteford, Grant Stone, Susan Batho(Smith-Clarke), Graham Stone, John Bangsund, John Foyster, Lucy Sussex, Lee Harding, Bruce Gillespie, Rosaleen Love, Damien Broderick, Paul Collins, Richard Harland, Russell B. Farr, Danny Oz, Donna Maree Hanson and James (Jocko) Allen.

Nominations for the Chandler Award are always open. Just drop a note to the Secretary via the post box or email.

--> Read more about the award and its winners since 1992

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The Norma K. Hemming Award

Following representations by the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF), the ASFF decided to sponsor and administer a jury award known as the Norma K. Hemming Award. The award marks excellence in the exploration of themes of race, gender, sexuality, class and disability in science fiction produced either in Australia or by Australian citizens and first published in the calendar year preceding the year in which the award is given.

Jurors for the Award are editor Sarah Endacott, editor-publisher Rob Gerrand, and writers Tess Williams and Sean McMullen.

Norma Kathleen Hemming (1928-1960) was an Australian fan and author whose work was informed by her experiences as one of the few women active in science fiction in her time.

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Fan Funds

The Foundation is pleased to announce that four fan funds have taken advantage of using a sub-account under the ASFF's main account to avoid the difficulties and expense of having to set up new accounts each time the administrators change. The account fees are negligible.

The Foundation currently supports these Fan Funds:

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Amateur Science Fiction Competitions

Since 1992, the Australian Science Fiction Foundation (ASFF) has provided sponsorship funds to the Australian National Science Fiction Convention (The Natcon) to run an Amateur Science Fiction competition. Originally the competition was for short stories but may now also encompass work created on digital media (short films or audio productions).

We have prepared a set of guidelines that may assist the convention committee in running an amateur SF competition, particularly if they haven't run a competition before.

For more information about how your convention can participate please contact the ASFF secretary at

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The Wright Collection

As a result of the generous donation Bill Wright, the Foundation has begun a memorabilia collection of fanzines, convention booklets, etc., some as early as from the 1950s. It is now housed at the Melbourne Science Fiction Club but may be accessed by fans. An audio/visual collection, such as the Anti-fan films, is also stored there. Any donations of films, photos, audio tapes are gratefully accepted.

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Joining the Foundation!

There is an annual membership fee of $A20.00 for both local and overseas members. (Overseas members please send cheques made out in Australian dollars.)

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Write or email the secretary for a membership form, or download one (PDF 86KB)

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