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A. Bertram Chandler Award 2012

And the winner of the 2012 A. Bertram Chandler Award is…

Well, first let me give you a few quick hints: Who among us is a rollicking raconteur, sophisticated traveler, stand-up comedian (when he needs to be!), charismatic speaker, lecturer, teacher, performance artist, auteur, and brilliant writer? Who has a proclivity to wear silly hats? And who is as comfortable writing gangbuster steampunk extravaganzas as he is writing such lighthearted works as Beyond Superstructuralism: The Syntagmatic Side of Language? Our winner has been referred to as "a man of many waistcoats," and he has one of the biggest and most generous hearts in the business. (Fledging writers, take a look at his 150 pages of free writing tips at

The winner is none other than our own wild and wonderful...

Richard Harland at Continuum 6 in 2009

Richard Harland at the launch of Worldshaker
at Continuum 6 in 2009.
(Photograph by Helena Binns).

Richard Harland

Richard was born in England and migrated to Australia in 1970 when he was offered a scholarship to do his PhD in the
theory of language.

He went on to lecture at the University of Wollongong for ten years, and in 1983 had the perspicacity to marry the beautiful Aileen. He claims to have had a record twenty-five year writer’s block. Well, I think we can safely say he’s over it.

Richard is the author of the "Edden and Vail" series (The Dark Edge, Taken by Force, Hidden From View); the "Heaven and Earth" trilogy (Ferren and the Angel, Ferren and the White Doctor, Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven); the "Wolf Kingdom" young adult series; the cult gothic The Vicar of Morgan Vale; The Black Crusade; and the quintessential steampunk novels Worldshaker and Liberator.

And this doesn’t even come close to covering Richard’s oeuvre! It might also be noted that Richard has won five Aurealis Awards, including the coveted Golden Aurealis Award.

May he go from strength to strength…and award to award! Thus we congratulate our very own maestro of the written, and the spoken, word – Richard Harland.

- Jack Dann,
Windhover Farm, Victoria
April 26, 2012

About the A. Bertram Chandler Award

The A. Bertram Chandler Award is sponsored by the Australian Science Fiction Foundation.

It is Australia’s premier award for lifetime achievement in science fiction.

The first Chandler was presented in 1992 to Van Ikin at the National Science Fiction Convention, SynCon ‘92. Subsequent winners have been Mervyn Binns, George Turner, Wynne Whiteford, Grant Stone, Susan Batho (Smith-Clarke), Graham Stone, John Bangsund, John Foyster, Lucy Sussex, Lee Harding, Bruce Gillespie, Rosaleen Love, Damien Broderick and Paul Collins.

The 2012 Chandler Award was presented to Richard Harland at Continuum 8 (51st Australian National Science Fiction Convention) in Melbourne, Victoria, on 10th June 2012.


Chandler Award 2012 Ensemble (PDF 384KB)
Richard Harland Wins 20th Anniversay Chandler Award (PDF 183KB)

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