Other SF Resources

THE WRIGHT COLLECTION —Bill Wright’s memorabilia collection of fanzines, convention booklets, etc., some as early as from the 1950s. It is now housed in the Monash University Rare Books Collection but may be accessed by fans. An audio/visual collection, such as the Anti-fan films, is also stored there.

AntipodeanSF  — Australia’s oldest online speculative flash fiction magazine.

E-FANZINES — Many of the world’s best fanzines available as PDFs, including many Australian ones.

STICKY INSTITUTE  — ardent defenders of zine culture. Degraves Subway, Melbourne • Wed – Fri 12pm til 6pm • Sat 12pm til 5pm.

FANAC.ORG — devoted to the preservation and distribution of information about science fiction and science fiction fandom,

FANCYCLOPEIDA — a collective enterprise of all of fandom ; classic fannish reference.