ASFF Member Update


The ASFF Committee is as follows.


President: Juliette Cavendish.

James Allen: Membership Officer / Chandler Award.

Carey Handfield: Treasurer & Public Officer

Gillian Polack: Oracle and Administrative Secretary

Ion Newcombe: General Committee Member / Website Manager

Cath Ortlieb: General Committee Member

Geoff Allshorn: General Committee Member

Delegated Responsibilities:

Geoff Allshorn: Norma K. Hemming Award Administrator

Cath Ortlieb: Writing Competition Administrator

If you have any enquiries please contact: <>

Conflux 2021 “Visions of Time” is the Australian National Convention

Conflux is back again in 2021 with “Visions of Time” and this year it’s also the Aussie national spec fic convention!

Conflux is Canberra’s annual speculative fiction convention for both established writers and artists and those seeking a foundation in the industry.

As we adapt to the mad (Max) world that is our new formal, Conflux will spend three days over the weekend of October 2-4 2021 exploring the future of the speculative fiction industry.

(Dr.) Who will be there you ask? This year’s guest of honour is John Birmingham, author of He Died with a Felafel in His Hand and the Axis of Time trilogy, and our International guest of honour is multi-award winning Helen Marshall, known for her psychological suspense, horror and the dark fantastic.

Since Conflux 2021 is also the Australian National Science Fiction Convention it will include the Ditmar Award, which recognises achievement in Australian science fiction (including fantasy and horror) and science fiction fandom.

More information and memberships now available at the Conflux 2021 website <>.