Bruce Gillespie Receives The “Eternity” Award

Bruce Gillespie, Helena & Merv Binns (Photo by Cat Sparks)

Bruce Gillespie (pictured) received the Continuum Foundation’s “Eternity” Award 2019 on Friday June 7 at the opening ceremony of Continuum 15, Natcon 58. This extraordinary award, featuring an hourglass trophy, recognises those who do a huge amount of work for SF fandom over an impossibly long period of time — in this case more than fifty years.

Bruce Gillespie thanked all of the people who helped to get “SF Commentary” off the ground in January 1969, including Lee Harding, John Foyster, John Bangsund, Leigh Edmonds, George Turner, and Tony Thomas in particular.

“SF Commentary” has been nominated three times for the Hugo Award (1972, 1973 and 1975), and has won a number of Ditmar Awards (Australian SF Achievement Award).

Bruce has contributed to several apas, including Anzapa (Australia and New Zealand Amateur Publishing Association) since 1968, APA-45 during the early 1970s, FAPA (Fantasy Amateur Press Association) from 1984 to 1994, and Acnestis (the British apa for fans who still read a lot) since 1995.