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SF @ Melbourne Fringe – The Adam-Eve Protocol

You don’t normally see Science Fiction on the stage!

The Adam / Eve Protocol is topically set after a nuclear war between North Korea and the US, this show deals with what happens after the fall of mankind. This show asks the question “What if Eve is a lesbian?” What hope is there left for mankind?

Set both in a futuristic space station orbiting the earth (and trying to keep ahead of the international space station) and on a desolate earthscape (Just north of Melbourne), we get to find out what happens in the event of a catastrophic failure of technology.

Technology as both the saviour and the downfall of the human race. We follow Adam, the last man, as he deals with the implications of being the last man alive and Eve, the feisty kick butt galactic hero we need as she deals with the same issues, in her own interminable style.

Science fiction provides us a way of examining possible futures, and if they are not ideal, to hopefully avoid them. The Adam / Eve Protocol examines one such possible outcome and makes us question ourselves, what can we do to shape our future? Playing during The Fringe (22-30 September) — booking details in Conventions Section.

Wonderland – till October 7 2018

Fall down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, a world premiere exhibition celebrating Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale and Alice’s adventures on film.

Since first gracing the silver screen in 1903, Alice has delighted audiences in more than 40 arthouse and blockbuster cinematic odysseys.

Wonderland explores how this precocious heroine inspired revolutionary filmmaking, from groundbreaking special effects and animation to evocative storytelling and technological development.

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