Sydney Freecon 2019 Planning Meeting

Garry Dalrymple, organiser of the Sydney Freecons, has announced a planning meeting for this year’s Sydney Freecons on Sunday Feb 24, and welcomes your attendance to share ideas and plan.

Among the topics Garry would like to discuss are:

  • Do we hold one, two or no Freecons this year?
  • What dates we should avoid, i.e. a list of the dates of pre-existing meetings / events of similar audience events?
  • When should we try for a Saturday, Campsie Library Freecon (May or June)?
  • Should we have a two or three day Freecon, in late October or Early November?
  • Should we emphasise the Short SF Story writing Competition/s i.e. hold a ‘heat’ with a display and voting at a one day event and a ‘final’ at a later two/three day Freecon?
  • Given the difficulty in amassing local SF&F writers, should we change the current two/three hours a day programming emphasis i.e. should program more talks and less Writers Read panels, should we open up the Freecon from a SF&F interest event with local SF&F Writers, to being a more general SF&F discussion event with local writers, of any genre, fiction or non-fiction?
  • Alternative venues for Library or other one-day Freecon events, i.e., Free, more accessible and with greater potential local audience support than at Campsie Library?
  • Should we up the within-Freecon promotion of events like Conflux (Canberra), the Natcon, the 2020 New Zealand Worldcon or any Sydney Dr Who events?

If you have some opinions about the above, or how we can hold better attended Sydney Freecons, but are unable to attend Sunday Feb 24 2019, please do email me with your thoughts, or come to the third Friday of the month Sydney Futurian SF&F discussion meetings.

Please email Garry <> to obtain address details for the meeting or to make contact as above.