Worlds of Ursula K Le Guin – DVD Documentary

The Foundation received in the mail last week (for its efforts in providing a copy of the 1975 Aussiecon Guest of Honour Speech) a DVD copy of WORLDS OF URSULA K LE GUIN, a very fine 88-minute documentary by Arwen Curry of the life and work of Ursula.

As if we didn’t know it already from reading her blogs, Ursula remained as feisty as ever (more so, even) until her death in 2018. Penetrating interviews and speech snippets are accompanied by stunning animations (particularly of some of the Earthsea books) and interview grabs from people we know well.

The extras, including the entire 1975 speech, are important add-ons. Indeed, I cannot see why the all-important section about THE LATHE OF HEAVEN was missing from the main film, since it’s the only section that deals with Ursula’s advocacy of Taoism.

You can order a copy at your favourite local DVD shop/outlet, or online via Amazon.

(From Bruce Gillespie)

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